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History Bytes takes an in-depth look at the events and personalities of the past, and discusses their impacts on today’s complex world.

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The host is Barry Jacobsen, noted military historian, former Green Beret, and associate producer of “Deadliest Warrior”. His co-host and producer is Leslie Eastman, biochemist, science writer/political pundit, and amateur Egyptologist.

Below is a complete list of available shows. This is a pay-for-podcast system, so you can enjoy the expertise of two history and media professionals.  Click on the link to follow to the complete show and its description; hit the button to purchase shows of interest.


Show #005: In the Shadow of the Bear

  • The era of Genghis Khan and the Golden Horde.
  • The forced exodus of the Crimean Tartars on the orders of Joseph Stalin.
  • The rationale behind Vladimir Putin’s power grab in Georgia.
  • The development of Islamic extremism in Chechnya and its consequences.
  • The origins of the Ukraine’s “Orange Revolution”

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