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Barry Jacobsen and Leslie Eastman

Barry Jacobsen and Leslie Eastman

“Deadliest Warrior’s” Barry Jacobsen

Barry J

Barry Jacobsen is a former Green Beret who has worked on television and film projects as a historical advisor, stunt choreographer, actor, and historical commentator and advisor.  His passion is warriors, weapons, and all aspects of military history.

Barry was an Associate Producer and Historical Advisor on the television show, “The Deadliest Warrior”. He is currently working on several writing and cinematic projects.


Co-Host and Producer, Leslie Eastman

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Leslie is an Environmental Health and Safety Professional, as well as a science/technical writer for a variety of news and professional publications. She has degrees in geology, chemistry and biochemistry. Her many hobbies include Egyptology, and she has written several articles on the subject. Leslie the Executive Producer for a very popular BolgTalkRadio.com show, Canto Talk,  as well as a contributor for two of the nations most popular current event analysis sites: Legal Insurrection and College Insurrection.


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