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Show #006 – Ancient Egypt in the Bible

Show #006 Joseph in Egypt

In what will be come a Lenten tradition for History Bytes, co-host Leslie Eastman (the team’s religious history maven) will offer a special podcast on a subject that touches upon the Easter/Passover season.

One family tradition associated with Easter/Passover season in America is viewing “The Ten Commandments”, the 1956 classic with Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner as Moses and the great pharaoh, Ramses II.

Some Egypt-loving movie-goers might appreciate the 1996 version of the story of Joseph that is one of Leslie’s personal favorites. It stars Oscar-winner Ben Kingsley, Paul Mercurio, and Lesley Ann Warren.

And while these aren’t the only stories involving Egypt in the Bible, they are the two that make ancient Egypt an integral part of their saga. In this History Bytes episode we look at:

1) What the Bible tells us about ancient Egypt in the tales of Joseph and the Exodus.
2) Information in the archeological records from the presumed eras that support these stories.
3) Recent discoveries that further enhance our understanding of these time periods.
4) A new view of the role if the Hebrews, as potential mercenaries is for the Hyksos, and what this would have meant for their long-term place among the Egyptians of this distant era.