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Show #009: Thera and the Explosive End of the Minoan World

Show #009 Thera

This piece is more like the tides of current events crashing against the shores of history!

When the volcano known as Thera erupted, the highly sophisticated civilization of the Minoans was directly in its path. Military history expert Barry Jacobsen and Leslie Eastman, who has a degree in geology, review one of the biggest natural disasters ever witnessed by man in recorded history. Topics include:

  • The Minoan people and their culture;
  • Minoan religion as it relates to bulls, high priestesses, and human sacrifices.
  • Mutual influences on other Mediterranean civilization (including Egypt and Greece);
  • Details on the eruptive sequence of Thera, and how that impacted the Minoan response;
  • The likely real killer of the Minoans — the tsunami and its impact on Crete; and,
  • The rapid decline of the Minoans and the rise of the Greeks.